Willkommen im Berggasthaus Kraxenberger
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So kommen Sie zu uns

wir sind ganzjährig über Strasse, Spazier- & Wanderwege gut zu erreichen.
Parkplatz direkt vorm Haus
Auf Ihren Besuch freut sich
Familie Kraxenberger


täglich geöffnet außer
Dienstag & Donnerstag
Über Ihre Reservierung freuen wir uns unter Tel: 08034 8199

Grillabend ab 18Uhr

Jeden Mittwoch
frische Forellen
vom Holzofengrill

Wild Wochen

Jedes Wochenende gibts Schmanckerl vom Wild

We have 38 guests online

Our house is located at the foot of Wendelstein. A quiet place  a little bit outside of Brannenburg, surrounded by scenic hiking, cycling, and skiing routes. Several lakes are also nearby. Rosenheim and the Austrian border are only about 20 minutes away by car.

Different ways offer guest and leisure to make their stay in our mountain inn   interesting and diverse.

You have a wonderful view over the Inn Valley.
A lot of interesting places are in the surrounding area; for example chiemsee, castles of "König Ludwig" and so on

Motorcyclists, cyclists and guests who want to spend only one night at us, are equally welcome , as the guests that want to spend their vacation with us.